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Love Austin Homes, LLC is an Austin Texas based Real Estate Services Company supporting investors and real estate agents in Central Texas. We offer a variety of training, mentoring, partnering and transaction processing services needed by all successful investors and creative agents.

12 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

Did you know..

...that the greatest real estate fortunes are made in a down market? We are currently facing what will probably be the greatest wealth building opportunity in the history of this country. It is not the time to be sitting on the sidelines. By ordering this FREE seminar, you are taking the critical first step to being part of that!

The secret to success in real estate is being able to change your strategy with the market. Most "gurus" teach 1 or 2 strategies, but when the market changes, like it has in the last year and like it will again in the coming years, those strategies don't always hold up.

12 Ways to Make Money on Every Deal is a 90 minute focus seminar taught by Phill Grove, one of America's most successful real estate investors. During this seminar you will learn the Top 12 real estate investing strategies that  investors use to make money on every deal.

Learn the tools you need to make money in Up marketsDown markets, and TODAY's market!


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