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Love Austin Homes, LLC is an Austin Texas based Real Estate Services Company supporting investors and real estate agents in Central Texas. We offer a variety of training, mentoring, partnering and transaction processing services needed by all successful investors and creative agents.

Real Estate Training Classes

How a full or part-time career in Real Estate can generate profit, income, and wealth

shaking hands Are you a new investor or a part-time investor looking to make money or build your wealth through real estate? We can make that happen!

Did you know one of the nation's top real estate investors lives right here in Austin? Phill Grove has completed over 1000 short sales as well as hundreds of other real estate transactions utilizing virtually every strategy known to man.

Love Austin Homes offers in-depth real estate investing classes right here in Austin. Their unique approach, called RE-volution training, teaches by combining all of the top strategies (wholesaling, short selling , sub-to's, wraps, auctions, options, swaps, and 5 more) in a single comprehensive step-by-step all-inclusive course designed to teach you EVERYTHING you need to hit the ground running and start investing immediately!

That's Right - There is no "advanced class" - this is the whole shebang!

Why Love Austin Homes RE-volution training versus any other investor training available???

  • Local Market Mentor Guru
    • Only a local market guru can ensure you make the right decisions regarding location, financing, laws, and strategy specific to your individual investments.
  • Don't Pay for Education, Have Your Education Pay You!
    • We believe that learning by doing is the ONLY way to really learn. Instead of paying thousands of $$ to take classes on wholesaling, rehabbing, short-selling, etc, we teach you how to find and structure deals, and then WE PARTNER WITH YOU and hand-hold you through working those deals - resulting in you becoming an expert by doing, and GETTING PAID to learn!
  • Access Austin's Most Powerful Power Team
    • Your teachers are brokers and investors with the tools, resources, experience, and expertise to help you analyze, finance, buy, and sell any property using any strategy in any situation.
    • Our extended team of Agents, CPAs, Lawyers, Title Companies, Mortgage brokers and bankers, will PARTNER WITH YOU and hand-hold you through creating LLCs and entities, understanding tax and investing strategies, performing 1031 exchanges, setting up your books, and financing complex transactions, etc., resulting in you becoming an expert by doing, and not making mistakes in the process.
  • Become an Automatic LAH Short Sale Partner
    • Austin's largest short sale company and staff will process all of your no-equity, short sale deals, generating profits for you off of leads from the marketing co-op and your other marketing that would otherwise be worthless.

Not convinced? See our Testimonial Page to see what real students are saying!

Or, check out this video from Stuart DuPuy - who bought 8 houses (with no money down!!!) within ONE WEEK of taking our class!!

What classes are available??

#1) RE-Volution RE Training for Investors

RE-Volution RE Training for Investors

This comprehensive class includes all materials and teaches fundamentals, advanced strategies, and TRADE SECRETS for how to find, negotiate, buy, and sell properties, HERE IN TEXAS, so you can start making $$ on virtually any property in any situation!

Our 2-day class covers:

Day 1:

  • Marketing & Acquisition
    • Top 18 Marketing Strategies
    • World-Class Lead Processing
    • Estimating Repairs and After-Repair-Value
    • Successful Negotiation
    • Contracts, HUD's, Deeds, & Closing
  • Special Bonus #1: Austin Market Analysis
    • A break-down of Austin by neighborhood, including statistics, recommendations, strategies, and more

Day 2:

  • Today's Top-12 Investing Strategies: (Including contracts, check-lists, step-by-step instructions)
    • Cash, Wholesaling, & Assigning
    • Buying Subject-To
    • Rehabbing: Fix and Flip
    • Land Lording: Buy & Hold
    • Pre-Foreclosures & Short Sales
    • Bank Foreclosures, Tax Foreclosures, & Auctions
    • Owner Financing & Wrap Around Mortgages
    • Lease/Options & Variations
    • Equity Partnering
    • Auctioning
    • Equity Holding Trusts
    • House Swapping
  • Business Planning:
    • Building Your Power Team
    • Building Your Business Plan
    • Building Your Marketing Plan
  • Special Bonus #2: Get Rich Slow Presentation
    • Step-by-step plan on how to generate $20K/mo in passive income in 8 yrs through targeted acquisitions

Overview and home-study materials included:

  • Advanced Business Management:
    • Financing Strategies for Real Estate Transactions
    • RE Accounting, Bookkeeping, & Tax Planning
    • Tools of The Trade: Analyzing Properties on-line
    • IRA & Retirement Investing (Self-Directed IRAs)
    • Entities & Business Structures (LLCs and LPs)
    • Legal Strategies: What you need a lawyer for
    • Tax Strategies: 1031 & tax deferment strategies

Call our office at (512) 853-9522 for time and location of the next class.

One Person ($999):

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With all the GLOWING FEEDBACK we have received we feel emboldened to offer the following guarantee:

If you are not 100% satisfied with the class, FOR ANY REASON, at the half-way point, we will REFUND 100% of your tuition and PAY YOU $100 for your trouble!

Yep, we will pay you $100 to NOT ATTEND the full class if you decide to leave!!!!

Wanna take the challenge???