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Love Austin Homes, LLC is an Austin Texas based Real Estate Services Company supporting investors and real estate agents in Central Texas. We offer a variety of training, mentoring, partnering and transaction processing services needed by all successful investors and creative agents.

Mentoring Program

Real estate investing can be intimidating and challenging for new investors. Most new investors need a little extra help getting started - help in the form of advice and encouragement from more experienced investors that have been buying and selling real estate for some time.

a hand up Love Austin Homes offers a formal real estate investing mentoring program to students that have attended our training classes, or current real estate investors that want the opportunity to learn from and be guided by the local gurus that have written the book on investing in real estate in Central Texas.

Mentoring is a good option for investors that want to build their business much more quickly than the trial and error approach used by most new investors. It's also a much SAFER way to get started because your mentors will encourage proven strategies and investments and discourage investing in things that are not worth the risks.

This program involves:

  • Step-by-step development of a comprehensive business plan, power team, sales and marketing plan, and other structured goals leading to closing on real estate transactions
  • Weekly calls and meetings to establish goals, milestones, and to track progress as you turn your plan into a business
  • Consulting and handholding though your first transactions

WARNING: Mentoring is becoming a popular and highly demanded service offered by real estate professionals. Before enrolling in any mentoring program, meet the mentors, ask other investors in the community about them, establish their credentials, and, whomever you choose, make sure your mentor has extensive experience IN THE MARKET THAT YOU PLAN TO INVEST IN. An out-of-state mentor advising on how to invest in Texas, is about as useful as a New York barbeque recipe...

Would you like to be mentored by the pros? Call the office (512-853-9522) and schedule a time to talk to one of the principals (Phill or Shenoah) to learn more about how they can coach you towards achieving your goals in real estate.

Benefits of the Love Austin Homes mentoring program??

Why Love Austin Homes RE-volution training versus any other investor training available???

  • Local Market Mentor Guru
    • Only a local market guru can ensure you make the right decisions regarding location, financing, laws, and strategy specific to your individual investments.
    • Only local marketing experts can hand hold you though making offers and deciding what to take and what to pass on before making each investment decision
  • Don't Pay for Education, Have Your Education Pay You!
    • We believe that learning by doing is the ONLY way to really learn. Instead of paying thousands of $$ to take classes on wholesaling, rehabbing, short-selling, etc, we teach you how to find and structure deals, and then WE PARTNER WITH YOU and hand-hold you through working those deals - resulting in you becoming an expert by doing, and GETTING PAID to learn!
  • Access Austin's Most Powerful Power Team
    • Your teachers, Phill and Shenoah, are brokers and investors with the tools, resources, experience, and expertise to help you analyze, finance, buy, and sell any property using any strategy in any situation.
    • Our extended team of Agents, CPAs, Lawyers, Title Companies, Mortgage brokers and bankers, will PARTNER WITH YOU and hand-hold you through creating LLCs and entities, understanding tax and investing strategies, performing 1031 exchanges, setting up your books, and financing complex transactions, etc., resulting in you becoming an expert by doing, and not making mistakes in the process.
  • Become an Automatic LAH Short Sale Partner
    • Austin's largest short sale company and staff will process all of your no-equity, short sale deals, generating profits for you off of leads from the marketing co-op and your other marketing that would otherwise be worthless.
  • Be Part of Austin's Largest Investor Community
    • All students are enrolled in the Real Estate Networking Club or Austin (RENC) and the user board - Austin's largest community of full-time real estate investors and experts and most active deal pitching board.
  • Deals Come with the Program
    • All mentor students get pitched deals from their mentors, and also invited to participate in Austin's largest investor marketing co-op, a marketing campaign that sends out thousands of mail pieces each month to motivated buyers. All leads are divided up among the co-op members. This benefit alone is worth many times the cost of the mentoring program.
  • Many Additional Resources and Services:
    • Free CMAs, Access to various marketing lists, special agent deals, bi-weekly field trips and/or group events, and much more.

Details of the Love Austin Homes mentoring program??

Love American Homes provides a range of training and mentoring services. Please contact our office for additional details.


Our students make money!! Love Austin Homes (LAH) has numerous success stories including the following mentoring students and some of their deals:

Debbie DeBerry - bought 1001 Fiesta for $67,000, sold for $149,000 after just a few months in the program. This property was found by LAH.

Barry Adelman - bought and sold several properties generating over $50,000 in his first six months, and was named ABOR REALTOR® Rookie of the Year after joining the LAH mentoring program.

Greg Baker - Bought 4604 Wally for $39,000 and sold for $110,000. This property was found by LAH.

Steph Grahn - bought and sold several properties generating over $50,000 in her first six months with the LAH mentoring program.

Angela Gardner - Completed several short sales including a flip at 13429 Briarcreek Loop. LAH did the short sale transaction processing.

Leslie and Jared Gossett - Bought renovation properties at 2410 Dove and 2310 Van Dyke within weeks of starting the LAH mentoring program.

Martha Cary Sadler and Terri Thomas - Bought renovation properties at 1700 Elmira and 3209 Cherrywood. Both properties found by LAH.

Paul Kuhn - bought 12109 Mill Hollow for $85,000 (ARV $125K) in his second month of the LAH mentoring program. LAH negotiated a short sale on this property.

Dan Flanigan - Got 2204 Jesse Owens drive under contract subject-to (for free) and sold his contract to another mentor student

Billy Hicks bought a renovation project at 4601 Baronet's Trail for $48,125 within 3 weeks of joining the LAH mentoring program

ELK Realty have closed 3 deals totaling $21,000 in profits since joining the LAH mentoring program using our proprietary Mortgage Assignment Program

The next deal could be yours! Your income potential is limited only by your ambition...

Would you like to be mentored by the pros? Call the office (512-853-9522) and schedule a time to talk to one of the principals (Phill or Shenoah) to learn more about how they can coach you towards achieving your goals in real estate