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Austin Real Estate Investment Services

Love Austin Homes, LLC is an Austin Texas based Real Estate Services Company supporting investors and real estate agents in Central Texas. We offer a variety of training, mentoring, partnering and transaction processing services needed by all successful investors and creative agents.

Buy and Hold Wealth Building Program

Would you like to "Get Rich Slow" by investing in Austin and growing with Austin? Our FREE training class teaches you everything you ABSOLUTELY MUST KNOW about finding the right high-investment grade properties, in the right up-and-coming neighborhoods, at the right prices - right here in Austin!

rising house prices Wealth comes from making prudent conservative investments in premium assets that consistently appreciate year after year.

For example, a diversified portfolio of prime Austin real estate holdings, selected for maximum appreciation, that is managed by professionals, offers significantly better historical investment returns than the S&P 500, and with less volatility.

YES - even factoring in the costs of repairs, property management, taxes, vacancies, insurance, and interest payments, etc. real estate outperforms stock, year after year, due to the leveraged nature of real estate investments, long-term appreciation, and the income that it produces.

Taught by an instructor who's family has 50 years of experience buying rental property in Austin - this is the absolute ESSENTIAL MUST ATTEND class for anyone considering buying rental property in Austin

This free class covers:

  • The Top-10 mistakes made by new investors
  • Why California investors are losing their shirts in Austin
  • How to generate $20,000/mo in passive income - in 8-12 years
  • Austin real estate economic forecast and market overview
  • Portfolio Planning, Property Management, and more...

Would you like more Information?

Call our office and we will explain how we can find and manage a portfolio of rental investment properties for you. We will answer your questions regarding what you can realistically expect to pay for properties, how much it costs to have them managed for you and what kind of income and appreciation you can expect from this investment over time.

Want to learn more? Come to one of our FREE SEMINARS where we present what is going on in the Austin Real Estate market, where the opportunities are, how much profit and appreciation you can expect from real estate investments in the coming years, and the real risks and rewards of investing in Austin and growing with Austin.

We answer these questions and many more:

  • Is now the best time to buy?
  • How is the real estate bubble affecting Austin?
  • Where and what, precisely, should I buy (or have you buy for me)?
  • What is going on with interest rates?
  • Why is real estate the perfect hedge against inflation?
  • How is it possible to get BOTH 7% (or more) APPRECIATION AND 7% (or more) INCOME from my investments without active involvement?
  • Why is this so much better than just investing in the stock market?
  • ... and about much much more...

You could spend hundreds of hours trying to research and learn all of this information, or learn it all at an upcoming event. Call Us! We're friendly! We're from Austin! We Love Austin!

Want the profit, without the hassles?

Love Austin Homes, LLC. (LAH) makes owning a real estate portfolio nearly as easy as owning a stock or mutual fund portfolio.

LAH builds an individual real estate based "Get Rich Slow Plan" for each client based on needs, goals, capital, and time horizons.

Using a proprietary grading system, "The Morningstar of Real Estate", LAH selects single-family homes with the optimal balance of appreciation and cash flow for maximum return on capital over a 5 to 15 year time horizon.

LAH leases, manages, and maintains the client's portfolio and provides a unified monthly statement showing overall portfolio performance.

Over time, the client can execute strategies to convert equity into profit or income as desired.

Why Real Estate?

  • Leveraged appreciation = high return on your investments (your down payments)
  • Investing in REAL assets, with real value, that you can see and touch
  • The most proven investment strategy: compounding appreciation
  • Tax-deductions (depreciation and passive losses)
  • Great diversification from stocks + bonds
  • Hedge over inflation